How to reach Capri Island: Guide Line

Everyone who visits Campania, of course knows that one of the places that can’t be missed is Capri Island. It is not a chance that this magical jewel of the sea is considered one of the most desired destinations from tourist from all over the world. But not all people know how to reach the island. So here we’re giving a little guide line to avoid any problems or waste of time with your departure, to where to go and which mean you must to catch to visit the island.

The port of Naples

The first thing to consider for those who want to leave from Naples is, obviously the seaport. Indeed you need to know well where and which harbor of Naples you want to depart from. Usually the boats forward Capri depart from the two main Harbors of Naples: Molo Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa. These two harbors are quite distant from each other and for that reason you should get informed very well about your real point of departure of your ship. It’s good asking for as more information as you can before leaving the ticket office or the infopoint

Means to get to Capri

There are several means to reach the Island of Capri. Obviously, if you have got a vassel by yourself, in that way you can reach the island very easly. Anyway, not all people can reach the island with such a vassel, and for that reason they must to consider the most common means of transport by sea, in other words by ferryboat or hydrofoils. The ferryboat is the most common mean of transport to move through the island.
In addition to that, buying a ticket for that it will be quite cheap. But the ferryboat is a very slow mean that takes more or less 45-50 minutes to get to the island.

Otherwise the hydrofoil is a faster mean, that takes usually just 40 minutes to get to Capri. Then, often hydrofoils have more comforts items, such as internal halls, air conditioning and screen television. Obviously the price is more expensive than a common ferryboat.

Anyway visiting Capri is an experience to fulfill, or rather that can’t be missed if you’ll visit Campania!