The icons of Naples! 5 characters that are symbols for the city!

There are characters that over the time have become icons of Naples. Everyone in the world knows those characters and the relationship they are with Naples. Ultimately, who is worth to be included in the icons of Naples? Well, without further ado let’s check the icons!

1. Pulcinella

We have to begin with the so called “Mask of Naples”. Pulcinella has an unique personality and he loves his city, Naples. He displays a lazy and funny character that seems a parody of neapolitan people. He’s also sly, glutton and always joyful!

2. Masaniello

Masaniello is one of the icons of Naples. In a certain way, this character represents the stormy and rebellious soul of the city. A little thing to know: Masaniello was not born in Naples. In fact, his birthplace was probably Amalfi!

3. Diego Armando Maradona

It’s impossibile to exclude Maradona on this list. Thanks to his wonderful talent, Maradona brought Naples to the roof of the Europe. He’s an “acquired neapolitan” and one of the most famous icons of Naples

4. Totò

Antonio de Curtis, most common knows as Totò, is a character to include absolutely. He’s the “prince of jokes” and with his works Totò he made hundreds of people laugh. He’s a complete artist that has always exalted the city of Naples!

5. Eduardo De Filippo

One of the best Playwright in Italy. With his works and his poetic, Eduardo has conquered the heart of billions. Still today there are scholars looking for the right interpretation of his piece. A genius and a truly neapolitan!


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