The most famous castles in Naples: what they are?

Naples is a city rich in history and culture. There were a lot of dominations that have reigned over Naples over the years.

They built many castles in Naples. But which are the most famous castles? Let’s explore what to see during your visit in the city!

Maschio Angioino

The Maschio Angioino is probably the most famous castle in the city. The castle was built by Carlo d’Angiò and the works finished in 1282.

The castle is magnificent and from the highest areas you can see the sea. It’s beautiful also to see the gulf of Naples from the Castle, a wonderful panoramic view.

You can arrive in Maschio Angioino by taking the metro station Line 1 and exit to Municipio stop.

Castel dell’Ovo

The magnificent Castel dell’Ovo it’s special because it’s located directly on the sea.

It’s a beautiful place to explore and take some photos with the Vesuvius and the gulf of Naples on the background.

We give you a suggestion: if you visit the castle, have on a jacket, because the area is windy.

Why it’s called “Egg’s Castle“? Because there is a legend that tells about a Dragon’s eggs hide in the dungeons of the castle…Fascinating, isn’t it?

Castel Sant’Elmo

Castel Sant’Elmo is one of the castles in Naples. It’s the highest castles of the city.

From the castle you can see all the city of Naples and take amazing pictures.

Near the castle there is the “Certosa“. It’s a museum that often hosts wonderful art exhibitions.

Reggia di Caserta

Well, it’s not a castle and it’s not in Naples, but the Reggia is a must see attraction when you come to Naples.

You can spend a whole day visit the ancient home of noble families and admire the beauties of the zone.

You want to visit castles in Naples? Well, contact us and we can organize your trip!