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Visit Naples Now

Why visit Naples now?

All over the world the situation seems critic. Everyone doesn’t want to travel and they prefer to stay at their home. Anyway, there are many reasons to visit Naples now. Let’s discover them and organize your trip to Campania! Visit Naples now: a wonderful food trip First of all, you have to visit Naples now […]

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The most famous castles in Naples: what they are?

Naples is a city rich in history and culture. There were a lot of dominations that have reigned over Naples over the years. They built many castles in Naples. But which are the most famous castles? Let’s explore what to see during your visit in the city! Maschio Angioino The Maschio Angioino is probably the […]

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Winter in Salerno: what to see?

In Campania region, there are many people happy with Christmas. Naples for example is most known for the San Gregorio Armeno Crips. Moreover also in Salerno there are a lot of traditions linked to Christmas. You want to know more? So continue to read and let’s see what to expect from a Winter in Salerno! […]

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5 Winter food to eat in Naples

Naples is the city where food is fantastic. People from all around the world come into the city to eat something typical of Naples. The best food are the well known Pizza and Babà, but there is also something to eat during the winter season. Let’s explore 5 winter food to eat in Naples when […]

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The icons of Naples! 5 characters that are symbols for the city!

There are characters that over the time have become icons of Naples. Everyone in the world knows those characters and the relationship they are with Naples. Ultimately, who is worth to be included in the icons of Naples? Well, without further ado let’s check the icons!

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Campania: a zone plenty of archeological beauties!

Campania is a region plenty of tastes, history and tradtions. Everyone that have ever made a visit to Campania appreciates those things. Not by chance, over the times Campania has undergone a lot of dominations, by people that considered it a beautiful land. Thanks to the many dominations, Campania now has various cultural places. Scopriamo quali sono […]

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5 Things to do in Procida Island

Procida is the smallest island in Naples’ gulf. In other articles we have seen the beauties of Capri island and the activities to do on Ischia island. This time we show you 5 things to do in Procida island! There are some good activities you have not to miss when you’ll visit the island. Let’s check […]

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The best places on the Sorrento coast!

Many tourists of Campania know the Amalfi Coast and its particular beauties. However, not many visit the Sorrento coast and the locations nearby. In fact, this is not due to an aesthetic factor, since the locations on the Sorrento coast are exceptional, of an incredible beauty! Let’s see then what are the best places on […]

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Travel in Naples art station (Part 2)

In the last article we saw the first part of what are so called the “Stations of the Art” of Line 1 of Naples. Today we resume the journey, this time focusing on the remaining subway stations of Naples. Are you ready to discover the beauty of these public transport stops?

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Travel in Naples Art Stations (Part 1)

The Naples Metro is perhaps one of the best public transport in the Neapolitan city. As well as being fairly efficient, the metro is also very nice to see. In fact, it is possible to make a real journey in what are called the “art stations”. Let’s find out together what these stations are and […]

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