5 Winter food to eat in Naples

Naples is the city where food is fantastic.

People from all around the world come into the city to eat something typical of Naples.

The best food are the well known Pizza and Babà, but there is also something to eat during the winter season.

Let’s explore 5 winter food to eat in Naples when you visit the city!

Spaghetti alle vongole

The first plate to eat is the “Spaghetti alle Vongole“. In english, we can call this recipe as “Spaghetti with Clams“. The fantastic flavor of the clams, with the unique taste of Rosmarino and Olio, it’s fantastic for the mouth.


The Pastiera is a typical cake in Naples. In particular, this type of pies is one of the best winter food in Naples. Why? Well, the cake is prepared during the Christmas Holiday Period. The main ingredients are Ricotta, fruits and eggs.

Minestra Maritata

Some people may think: “What the heck is Minestra Maritata?”. Well, it is one of the oldest recipes in Naples. The ancient poor people usually made this recipe to eat. Without doubts, it is a simple recipe with a lot of vegetables and a bit of meat. It’s reccomended to eat this winter food in Naples because it is very hot!


Mozzarella is an evergreen. It is always delicious also when you eat it during the winter. There are thousand of recipes for Mozzarella: you can cook it alone or with some other ingredients, like ham. In every restaurant of Naples, you have to try at least once Mozzarella, it will surprise you!

Frittata di Maccheroni

Last but not least the unique Frittata di Maccheroni. It looks like a compressed pasta dish and well, it is. With some eggs, the pasta will stick each other and the final result will be amazing. Why to eat this winter food in Naples? Well, the frittata, it’s easy to take so you can eat this delicious while you exploring the city.

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